A question about overweight women

Women who are overweight: would you date a man who is overweight (assuming he was otherwise good-looking, interesting, clean-cut, respectful with a great personality)?

And a question for people in general: are overweight women more likely to date overweight guys than skinny women?

By the way, before anyone judges me:

1. I'm not a chubby-chaser. I like all kinds of women.

2. I'm not pursuing overweight women because I think their standards are lower. That's just wrong.

I'm just curious if there are overweight women who only date fit guys


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  • I'm an thicker women and to be honest, weight doesn't matter. I've liked guys who were 6 foot tall and 175 pounds and guys who were 6foot+ 300+ pounds. For me being a bigger girl, I would like a guy who is a little bigger just for security and cuddling. Lol but I do have a friend who Does date guys who are thinner/more fit than her. I personally don't think it's fair if I don't have my body in shape, and a guy does. But that's just my opinion. Its all comes down to the cliche "its inside what really counts" right? Lol


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  • I'm on the heavier side and would only date heavier guys. But only because of my insecurities. Only thin/normal guys bullied me about my weight, so I guess that that's the reason why.

  • Sure. Like you, I'm attracted to all kinds of body types.

    Strangely, overweight guys never seem to be interested in me. I've only dated thin guys.

  • depends on how overweight. Also depends on his body shape.

    I'm chubby myself although not obese. I could still do sports and be active and all that.

    I don't mind dating a beefy guy who can still play sports and move around. What I don't like are guys with pregnant bellies hanging out and have trouble staying active.


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