Guys would you kiss someone if her family was around?

My cousin had a party.

I met a guy.

We all went out that night.

He got me drinks during the night and I did see him looking at me a bit. I like him and would like to see him more. He did not try to kiss me I think it was because my brother and cousin was there but I don't know. Guys would you kiss someone if her family was around? Also are these signs he likes me?!?!?


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  • I would definitely not kiss a girl who's brother and cousin were around if I wasn't already in a relationship with the girl or had talked to thebrother about it.

    As for does he like you. Maybe. Guys buying girls drinks has seemingly to me become just part of the night out but I'm sure you could tell yourself if there was more to his actions than simple friendship. I'd reach out to him or someone who knows him to find out how he felt

  • Nope, unless we was boyfriend & girlfriend I wouldn't especially after drinking, that's how fights happen.

    Most guys this day an age don't do mono-e-mono fights, rather jump people 2-3 on one. Also if its your cousin friend. I bet he didn't want to seem disrespectful. as for reading signs, you'll know


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