How do you date randoms?

so I'm new to dating people I meet out of the blue. Like, I dated in college, but it was always guys I would meet through a mutual friend or from a class that we took together for a while before he asked me out, etc. Now, I'm meeting guys at bars and they're asking me out on dates, but those dates are the only way I know anything about them.

I did have a short-lived relationship sprout from a one-night stand...but as you can guess it didn't last long. So now I'm out of my element, and there's one guy in particular I've gone out with twice now that I think I really like. I don't know how fast it should progress physically, or emotionally really. Like, when am I supposed to meet his friends? When does he want to meet mine? How often am I really supposed to go out with him? I've never been one to text just to text and have a conversation, I really only use it to make plans, so between dates I hardly communicate at all with the guy.

Any advice on what the progression of this is supposed to be!? help! haha


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  • Trust yourself. There isn't a textbook for the way you need for things to progress. But once a week is a nice slow way to start, then you can see if he keeps showing up, calling, texting, asking you out etc. You can let him initiate: asking you out and meeting his friends, family and all that other good stuff. And you are the one to decide how fast or slow the sexual progression is.

    If he texts you first it's a good idea to at least respond with something and you don't have to respond right away, but at least in that day if you are not busy. Texting can be really fun if you are flirting! If you want to talk on the phone instead of text when if he calls you, you can tell him that you really appreciate it, you like to hear his voice and maybe he will keep calling instead of texting.

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