How to find out if profile is legit on a dating site?

I wanted to try and try meeting guys on a dating web. I just met a guy who want to meet up. I told him to call me before we meet up. So far he has the qualities I look for in a guy but the things he says such as occupation does not add up. He says he is an instructor and he teaches two math classes at a university. I hot curious and looked up faculty members at that school. I only know his first name and I didn't bring up anything yet. I am nervous. He is going me later. What questions besides his first name should I ask to help me investigate? I hate to pry but people catfish these days. I kind of jokedwith him about it but he says his pics are real and he look better than the ones he has online. What should I ask him without sounding like an investigator?

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  • If you want to catch him in a lie, don't accuse him until you have the evidence you need.

    I don't blame you for fishing. When it comes to internet dating, you never know what you're getting into. My advice is to find him on Facebook after getting his full name... although, that may not happen until you meet in person. Just be sure to meet in public and take safety precautions. Let someone know where you're going, have a code word you can text, drive yourself to the place, etc.

    Of course, you probably have nothing to worry about, but it doesn't hurt to be careful. :)


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  • you could just be honest with him about your paranoia. It's understandable to have some skepticism, so tell him about it and ask for more information before meeting him. He has no reason not to be open unless he IS hiding something or he's just not an understanding person in which case is a horrible quality to have.

  • This helps a bit, at least to find out about profile pictures.


    Click on the "camera"

    Upload a picture of his profile

    If it shoots back a huge amount of results, it's a fake picture, probably done by a model.

    • Thanks for the great tip on this one!

    • No problem, try it on people from GAG, it's hilarious. I'd say 70 percent of the people on here who have attractive profile pictures are fake.

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  • Suggest that you guys Skype. I've been telephone dating a guy for 3 weeks. I finally got my webcam up and running (piece of cake for only $40) and we Skyped for the first time. My girlfriend was relieved he was a real guy as she said several of her friends met fake people on that website (ie. made up profiles from the administrators of the that website)...