How to tell if a guy is getting serious?

I have been "dating" this guy for about a month and a half. We both really like each other and always hang out. He dated a girl for 6 years and she left him and got married so I think this is causing him to be hesitant with me. I can not tell if he wants things to get serious or not. he tells me he is hesitant and something is holding him back. I am ready for the next step and want to know if he is. Why is he hesitant with me when we both really like each other? why doesn't he take it to the next step? why is he unsure?


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  • You are rushing things, that is why he is unsure. Getting into a relationship with a guy is like fishing. If you start stirring waters and try to grab the fish the fish will swim away from you and you will sleep alone at night with no food in your belly. What you have to do is sit completely still and quiet while you dangle a tasty morsel on a hook.

    In other words, don't have sex with him but let him decide whether he wants to bite your hook or not. in the meantime enjoy life and entertain him. If he doesn't bite there are plenty of other fish in the pond.