I'm angry at my friend and started dating boy she likes?

I'm angry at my friend because she did something bad to me, because of this I decided to date one boy behind her back.

She is secretly in love with him and she was talking with me about him many times , I know she likes him a lot.

But it's obvious that he isn't interested in her and from the beginning when we met him I saw he is interested in me.

So I went with him to cinema yesterday and we will meet also tomorrow. I'm meeting with him mostly only because I'm angry at my friend

What do you think, I am doing very bad or it's ok?


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  • Are you sure you know what a friend is ?

    I would completely erase from my world any so called friend who pulled that one on me. It almost happened once, and the girl who did it still can't look me in the eye.

    It's OK to be angry at her if she hurt you, but you risk your friendship by doing that. Why don't you tell her it makes you mad, and make her realize she needs to apologize ? You seemed to be pretty close, and it would be a shame to lose that friendship...

    Find some way to let the anger out, and talk to her about it once you feel better :)

    Besides, if you don't really like the guy, you're just using him ! You'd lose two friends in one reckless move :(


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  • Congratulations , you just degraded your self one more step .

    Its really not about it being bad or not , but about the possibility of you regretting it , most of the time when we throw away our morals and do something that is against them , we eventually will end up regretting and feeling ashamed ,

    ofc everybody has different ideals and as long as you feel OK with what you did to someone who was your friend and shared their mind with you , then I guess that what you did its not a bad thing for you , but would you be asking this if you thought that it was right ?

    The one that can answer your question is you , as long as you feel good with your self its OK .

    I for my self would not do something like this and if I did I would know it was wrong for me and for the kind of person that I want and try to be .


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  • It's childish. If you don't like him the same way or if you just do it to get back at her, it's childish. Grow up and talk to your friend about it, talk about what bothered you, she may not even know she did something that hurt you.

    • i like him a lot but as a friend but I think he likes me more . I told her something important in secret and she told it to everyone, she knows that I know but she didn't say sorry or anything - this made me most angry, meeting with this boy makes me feel better :( so you think I should stop?

    • Yes, stop! Where will that get you? Dating a guy you don't like as a boyfriend: he'll get hurt because you lead him on, your friend will get hurt, you'll get hurt and nothing will be talked about and the friendship can be damaged. It's already damaged. Just meet up, talk to her and tell her you don't appreciate her telling your secret, ask her why she did it and see if you can go from there.

  • Yeah you're a terrible friend and just a terrible person in general.

  • It would be somewhat okay if you actually had feelings for the guy, but the fact that you do not and are doing it anyway just to upset her is despicable. It will not only hurt her but the guy as well.

  • Aww. I think you should stop meeting with the guy if it's for the intention of revenge or getting back at your friend.. Intentions matter..

    Even if someone does mean things to you, you may defend yourself but never act the way they had acted against you.. It will lead things to its worst until they are no longer capable of being arranged and you have to live your life unsettled or not free because you're mad at someone or they are mad at you..

    To the fact that she had trusted you details about her feelings, you should be more sensitive to what she'll feel.. She may have done something bad to you but she's human and capable of getting hurt..

    And always ask yourself how would you feel if you're in her shoes.. :(

    I think, you should let go of what she did.. You may degrade her as your friend but don't put grudges anymore because it will only hurt you or ruin your day also.. :)