Why bring someone on the first date?

I asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime this is her answer

Hmm I'm pretty busy.. yes.. no..yes... is it alright if I bring someone along?

I really tought she liked me but guess not... why would you girls bring someone along? I know its a little bit of comfort.. but why would you?

And guys.. is it better to forget this girl since she obviously doesn't come alone

She asked for my number today

I guess she is pretty unsure of what she wants as she went away yesterday without a proper answer

Ill just see where it goes thanks everyone


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  • Shes bring someone along because of multiple reasons. First being, that's probably her best friend.

    Second, If conversation doesn't flow properly with you guys, then she has her friend there to help, stop the ackwardness.

    She might always want her friends approval on if your actually into her, or if you go out and your looking at other woman, which is what her friend will be watching for sure. So make sure you don't do that.

    She also wants her friends approval on if your a gentleman or your an a**hole. Aka by they way you talk to them. Don't talk all "yo yo" if she's not a "yo yo" type of girl.

    She also wants her friend there to see if you are actually into her, or if your into her friend. This is a way of testing you. Which you better not do, because if you do, your screwed for sure.

    If you follow these simple rules. Ur good. Have fun! Just don't get too intoxicated that you look like an ass.


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  • She probably wanted to make sure that if you turned out to be a psycho rapist/murderer, there'd be someone there to help her escape :)

  • Not interested


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  • Happened to me once, but she cancelled even after I told her she could bring the friend. I finally took the hint. Made it awkward, though, because she became my boss.

  • Bringing a friend = this is not a date

    Continue your search brother.

  • Forget her. She wasn't asking someone else along to have a threesome with you. It was her way of saying "This isn't a date."

    You should have been more clear that you were asking her out on a date, not just asking her to "hang"

    Even an idiot girl would know not to ask about bringing another person along if she was being asked out on a date. But by making it awkward, you gave her the option of letting you down in a fairly dumb if obvious way.

    • And there I was thinking she was afraid of being alone with me since she was trying to find a way out

      But yeag I've been thinking and your right..

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