Why does this guy text me weird stuff?

We are both in our early 20's. We actually used to hook u9 but we stopped because I was getting too attached. But we are still friends. My only problem is that he texts me very weird things. Like he will text me something like "the cat killed the mouse and he didn't go to jail" and these texts are out of no where. I play along with them, but it is becoming a point where these texts are just weird to me. Is this his way to seem funny or is he weird? If he is weird, I just want to slowly distance myself away.


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  • Hi there,

    Basically it seems from my perspective he is still trying to maintain contact with you. By sending corny jokes and such he is also trying to keep things light. It seems that this guy has a similar sense of humour to me...bad! I am one for sending bad jokes, dad jokes and the like.

    So from an outsiders perspective he is trying to make contact or maintain contact/communication without trying to sound too full on or intense. He obviously feels something for you, otherwise the contact would cease from his end entirely.

    Try sending a bad joke back and see what the response is. If you can't think of one just google one. I dare say should you be willing, the relationship between you guys is not over. If you want to keep him and see how things go again just do your best to keep things light, not too serious and take it from there.

    All the best


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  • Ask him maybe? From just that one line I can't infer anything really, but if there is a theme it might relate to something else. I'd suggest asking what the hell he's babbling about and if he keeps just being weird and obtuse then I'd suggest stepping back like you're thinking.

  • Thats weird. I would cut him loose for sure!


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