Girls: What are some texting mistakes that guys do?

What are some typical things that guys do when texting that you find annoying or repulsive?



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  • This is a good question! ha ha some texting mistakes that I've seen guys make go as follows:

    - short answers (likey yeah, cool, etc.) - f you are into a girl keep the convo going - don't make her try as hard. Plus she'll think you're a good listener.

    - Too many smileys - it can seem kind of creepy, especially if you don't know the guy to well. Also lots of smileys and emoticons sometimes make a girl question a guy's sexuality (NOT STEREOTYPING - its just what I've heard girls say)

    -Sudden deep talks - sometimes a guy will text me saying something like 'what's your biggest fear in life'. It's really random and kind of personal, so don't use it as an opener haha

    Those are all the annoying ones I can think of...

  • we is being lazy/acting like he doesn't care by saying things like "ey" or "wat's up"


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