Guy texts me first but always seems bored? why?

I met this guy at school and we haven't gotten a chance to hang out so we've just been texting . It's been about a month and we never seem to text much. I've tried texting him first and he always gives short answers like he's bored. I'm starting to feel like I'm annoying him. Sometimes he doesn't talk to me for days and when he does it's always about something random and the same short answers. Sometimes he plain ignores me. Two days ago we were texting and he just got really offensive like everything I was saying offended him. I didn't know what I said but I apologized and he just ignored me. I like him but I'm getting tired of this and I don't know what's going on..why would he text me then act like he's mad then ignore me? What do I do in this situation?

I meant to say he acted *defensive


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  • Stop texting him.

    That's your solution.

  • I asked a question just like this yesterday because my boyfriend does the same thing!

    I'd say stop texting him. A month and you still haven't hung out once? I'd say move on to someone who shows his interest more, because he isn't showing interest. You guys have never hung out, he doesn't talk to you much, and he acts defensive and weird - move on. He's behaving like a bipolar girl.

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