The perfect good bye?

As you see from the title I am in a relationship with my girlfriend... It is the final try to see if this can work out.. I think it's the best I can do.. I met this girl while back we have been dating we fought a lot and due to it was because of her sister and friend we finally had the talk about how I felt their sister and friend kept stepping all over this relationship and me. And she has to do something about it... I also said this so she won't be offended, "Don't get me wrong your sister and friend are good people, it's just they say things and do things to instigate a fight between us." It is really funny how when we are together we are never in fights. We are cuddling, kissing, and staring deeply into each others eyes with our cheeks and ears red and little warmer then usual. ( I am being detailed as possible, so the A to my Q/A doesn't get bored reading this.) That is not only the problem I hope that problem is solved but there is this also this problem where we are trying to keep this on the down low in school so we are avoiding as much contact, which I found no point in because everyone will know in a spark since our school is about 1,000 people maximum. In the beginning I was really affectionate and I can tell she wasn't as affectionate so I gave her time.. Yeah she gave it try to open it up and at this current point still trying to open up... I can tell you this is my first serious relationship because I have three rules. 1. Don't spend 2. Don't hurt my pride 3. Don't kiss ass. She has broken those three major rules that I dumped 10 other girls for. She knows I was a jumper and she respects me because I was clear and direct. Until today she still believes I am honest and faithful. Now that everything is solved back to my problem about keeping the relationship in the down low. I never wanted to keep this hidden I want to show her off to the world, I am as transparent as I can be, but she doesn't want to be known public. P.D.A. is not acceptable with her... So I am quite tired of her not letting me kiss her, carry her, and hug her like no one is around. I am not that type of guy. So, I came up with final good bye and I want to see what you guys think. I told her, fine lets keep this as low as possible let see how this works out, I told her I won't be affectionate in public, I won't hold your hand, kiss you, or try to carry you in a way in which it would make me look like an awesome boyfriend and us as a great couple. BUT if you see me as the way I see you, and I don't want to hide you and tell everyone what I have because I like you very deeply and you are probably the last girl I date till I am out of the Naval academy. (Naval academy is the top tier in the navy need good sats plus 3.5+ gpa) You will have to kiss me in front of everyone in school and tell me you like me so much.. Then I will consider this as breaking the process in which we agreed to keep it in the down low. So what do you think am I doing good or bad?

What do you guys think... Am I stupid for what I am doing, be as honest as possible even if you insult me I will greatly appreciate that..


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  • there is no perfect goodbye, when its the right time its the right time..


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