The signs are all there that he likes me, and I have a feeling he does. What do you think?

guys, I have this feeling he likes me, but I'm not 100% sure. could you let me know what you think? please? :)

1.) He calls me a nickname that he took from a story I was telling about a hilarious name I call my cat sometimes, so he decided he'd call me that in a teasing manner

2.) He texts me good morning sometimes, and he does text me first frequently. And he asks me questions about myself and how I'm doing or what I'm doing at the time.

3.) Every.single.message. contains a ":)" ":P" or ";)" and he never ever ever misses an opportunity to answer my texts. Even my non-conversational ones. We'll sometimes have conversations that go on for hours that aren't even real conversations, just sending emoticons back and forth if we can't think of anything else!

4.) When I saw him the other night after having a bad night, he just walked up to me and wrapped me up in a really tight hug for a long time, at least 20 seconds or so

5.) sometimes he'll catch my eye and just look at me for a few seconds, then smile

6.) I mentioned what time I was working at my on-campus job in a text conversation the night before, and he randomly showed up and visited, as he said, "just to say hi" when he's never ever done that before

7.) he remembers little things that I say, even when I don't remember I've said them

8.) He told me "you're too much" and says I'm silly all the time and stuff. He also said "that's cute! :)" when I was talking about being close with my family and being stubborn. And he said "that's adorable! :)" when I said another thing!

9.) He retweets and favorites me on twitter all the time, especially when I put song lyrics he likes, or if I happen to tweet something really happy that's obviously about him after I just saw him

Maybe I'm overanalyzing. But I've had this feeling that he likes me since I met him. Someone help, please?


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  • I think he diggs you. Usually if a guy texts you good morning, that's a good sign... you are the first thing he thinks about when he is about to start his day.

    Ask him what's his type, who are the kind of people he'd date, and if he's looking for a relationship. Depending if what he says matches what you are and what you believe, then you can assume what the next best step is for you both.

    Good luck!

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