My date is trying hard to make me jealous. Why?

I don't know why, this girl really likes me, and I like her too.

But for some reason, she keeps trying to make me jealous now. She keeps telling stories about the guys she dated.

In the past she avoided doing it, but now she does it every time.

Why girls do that? My guess is that she's insecure and trying to see if I really like her.


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  • she probably feels more comfortable with you now and feels like you're ready to hear them. if theyre negative stories then she's telling you what not to do. if theyre positive she's telling you what to do.

    • The problem is that she's not just sharing cool stories, she's saying anything that involves other guys she dated just to make me jealous. She does it when she's kinda pissed at me.

    • stop pissing her off lol

What Guys Said 1

  • 1. how old are you/how old is she?

    2. how long are you two dating?

    3. kissing? sex?

    4. how affectionate is she?

    5. how needy is she? text/calls?

    6. how much time do you spend together?

    7. how long was she single before you came along?

    • 1. both 21

      2. 3 months

      3. yes to both

      4. she was really sweet, she didn't talk a lot bout her feelings, but she always seemed really interested in me

      5. a lot, she texts me everyday, most of the time I call her. when she's out and drunk, she calls me in the middle of the night

      6. one or 2 days a week

      7. idk

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