He said I'm retarded..

this guy showed interest in me first and we just started texting each other. been 2 days. He told me how cute I am and asked me if I want to hang out, which I couldn't make..

Then we're texting and he was asking if I've been on date with other guys yet(he knew few guys were hitting on me at a party we both went) I told him no and said they've been texting me but I haven't really replied to any one of them that he should feel special, but I kinda gave him idea that I would see how things go with them.

I wasn't trying to make him jealous or something but we never went out on a date and we just started texting...and I know I'm not the only girl he's texting..so..

then he misunderstood something related on that and said I'm retarded..

do you think it's a red flag? my friend is saying that I made him upset ..do you think that's possible that he's just jealous and upset?

even he was jealous, that's not nice...

I mean, we never gone out on a date yet, we just started to text each other, I wouldn't say you're retarded to someone who I was interested in...even he acted like one.

I tried to explain but he's like yeayea so I thought he's not interested in me anymore or something,

Then again, few hours later like 2am he texted me saying how cute I am and he's attracted to me.

My question is, is this a bad sign that he said I'm retarded or do you think he just said it without noticing it am I just making it a big deal? what do you think?


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  • he sounds like a douchey moron.


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