No contact in almost a month

I sent him a text almost a month ago telling him to take care and he never replied. I was actually expecting to hear from him but I haven't. I am tryin not to contact him anytime soon I was thinking maybe I would send a text just saying hey or something next month. What do you guys think?


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  • YIKES you texted him a month ago and no response? Now you're thinking of texting him again? That will just come off as terribly DESPERATE. I beg of you DO NOT do it girl!

    • Even if I wait until next month?

    • What's the situation w this guy? You gave like 0 info. Ex boyfriend, current boyfriend, friend, fwb, booty call, what?

    • Well we use to date two years ago but it never got serious like he wanted because I was not ready and pretty much treated him like crap. Well we started back in Sept and was suppose to be working towards a relationship but I had trust issues and pretty much gave him hell. So for like 2 wks he started being really distant and would not reply to some of my texts so I sent him a text sayin I understand if I pushed him away and for him to take care and he never replied. This was a month ago

  • Not a smart idea to do so. He hasn't replied since you last texted him so what's the point of texting him again?

    • Just to say hi though

    • Don't keep your hopes up though.

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