Is he not interested in me anymore?

I've been talking to this guy for about a month now. When we first started texting he would tell me that I was beautiful and just how pretty I am. Then he started to get into texting me dirty things. I told him that I'm not that kind of girl and he seemed like he was okay with it because he continued to talk to me even after that. He says he still wants to hang out with me but he doesn't make any plans. He never texts me first anymore, I have to do it and he takes literally hours to text me back when I know he's not busy because he is posting on Facebook. Here is the confusing part, he when he does eventually text me back he's like "Hey(:" I don't know if he's just trying to be nice and text me back. I have no idea.


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  • He doesn't interested .. don't lose your time with him ..

    This incident happened with me with girl when I said to her why not replay faster she said my phone in charger all time the Same excuse then I decided leave her forever


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  • Well done! I support you for letting him know up front and for sticking to your values. (I hope you are) I don't think he's still interested and that's a good thing, because if he stops talking to you for that reason then he's not worth having around.