Do you think a guy would mess with his ex like this?

My ex and I have stayed in contact for over a month after the breakup..we fought a couple times tho too, over texting. We have both gotten pretty hostile towards each other at points but we always resolved things.

So.. I messaged him on Facebook saying that I had been thinking of reply..

I was really missing him so I asked him to call

Then he sent "Call me when you get this (his number) any time ;)

WINKY FACE. He has never used one, even when dating.. In fact he has hardly shown any emotion to me in weeks. Makes me think he's messing with me.

Do you think a normal guy would do that?

I should add that he didn't know what number to call because my cell phone broke..

He asked me what number and when I didn't answer that is what he said.


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  • He was being friendly, that's all. If he wanted to talk with you rest assured he would be calling you, not waiting for you to all him. Especially now that he knows he can.

    If I was you I would not contact him again until he does you. At least then you will know it's because he wanted to.


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  • Sometimes in Life we have to take chances in order to find Resolve in our life. Good Luck :)

  • If you really miss him than call him, or do you not mean what you say? love is give an take.

    • I did mean it I wasn't sure if he did..:/

    • Sometimes in life we have to take chances, to find our resolve. :)

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