Girls are so complex.

I met so many girls day by day. and we both really mutually had a quite impressive moments together. I guess every girl I met really likes me, tey laugh, talk for long time based on my question, and tey compliment I'm kinda different and confusing. I'm always damn successful getting their e-mail and numbers. But surprisingly they're not eager to have a date with me, but if they did it's obvious we kiss, and be so romantic, but it's so rare. So can you just gimme an advice how to be successful on getting dates?

Girls are so f***ing complex.


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  • So can you just gimme an advice how to be successful on getting dates?

    Probably by reevaluating what you're doing on these dates if it's so rare that you connect with the gals you get emails and numbers from.

    Also consider that most of the gals you met may think you're chatting with them not picking them up so they think they're giving out their e-mail and number for further communication not a date hence they're not eager to have a date with you. It's happened to many guys I've known thinking they were clear they were hitting on a gal when the gal thought they were having an interesting conversation.


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  • Yes.. don't putt the girl on a pedestral and be a challenge

    As friendship and dates are kinda the same tough a date is to get to know each other and a friendship is when you know each other and go do stuff together

    Ok forget that I suppose you figured that out but ill leave it there

    I think the advice you need is to step it up or to step it down

    I don't know what it could be since your frustration doesn't help me to be able to give you accurate advice

    Its obvious these girls are intrested in dating but obviously something isn't going right

    Could you tell what you do when you meet a girl that talks laughs and gives you her email/number

    • yeah, she says ye'Re funny, changeable personality, sometimes spritual, don't make things worse by philosophy of you, decisive

  • Women are only as complicated as you make them. Everything you don't understand is going to seem complex at first. You just need to get an education on women. Learn to properly judge their interest level in you. Move slow...learn to be a challenge to women...give them a chance to chase you. If you don't like her behavior, or what she says...then quickly move on. Finally, learn to speak Womanese.

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