Whas this a no! No or not now no?

I asked this girl if she by any chance wanted to go to this show with me. It wasn't a date date I just wanted hang out with her and see where it goes?

I did it via text cause our schedules wouldn't allow me to call or see her before the show.

Her first response was a Uhm No!

With quickly after: I'm busy that day by the way :p

We like to joke around and she told me before that I'm terrible at reading her emotions but somehow the No! Bothers me

I forgot she is working that day but I don't know if she meant the No! In a sort of joking kind of way or that she isn't interested in hanging out/ going to that show

We've hung out before btw


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  • I would say that she is busy and she can't go to the show. Does not necessarily mean that she doesn't want to hang out with you or doesn't want to go to the show, she may just have prior obligations.


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  • It could just as well be a "No" because you asked over text. I know plenty of girls that will always say No to a guy when he can't even screw up the courage to ask them out face to face.