Is it true that guys know quicker if they want to stay with someone than women?

My boyfriend proposed really early, after only 10 months of dating. I was discussing with one of my friends why and he said "Guys just know what they want earlier. He knew he wanted to get into your pants after he first saw you, he knew he wanted to be with you after your first date and he probably knew that he wanted to marry you after a few weeks. For women it takes years to make that decision"

Would you agree? I always thought it took men longer to fall in love and comit to someone


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  • You got it mixed up.

    Knowing what you want and falling in love and committing are two different things.

    When a guy looks at a woman, he knows he wants to have sex with her, he knows he wants to be with her. But that doesn't mean he knows he wants to fall in love with her or commit to her. You don't say in your head "Okay, I'm going to fall in love in EXACTLY three months." It just happens, it's impossible to predict. So sure, we may know what we want in the IMMEDIATE sense, but where we end up in the future? No one can foresee that.

    It's like shoes. You see a nice pair of shoes, you WANT them, you HAVE to have them. However, can you honestly say in about 30 years from now, you'll still be wearing the same pair? Maybe the fashion will go out of style, maybe they will become old and wear down on you (which in some ways can happen much akin to a human relationship). You just don't KNOW the future and change.


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  • I don't know about all of that. I've never felt that way, especially the marriage part after only a few weeks. I think your guy may just be a special case.

  • statistics show this


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