Why would she reply one month later?

So I joined an online dating site a few months ago (I know pathetic). Don't get me wrong I can get dates fairly easy if I try, but I've had a horribly tough time finding a girl compatible enough to be in a relationship with. I'm sure living off campus (college), and being in all engineering classes with 99% guys isn't helping.

So basically I was talking to a very good looking and intelligent girl on an online dating site, we sent a few messages back and forth and things seemed to be going well...and then she just stopped. Now over a month later she suddenly messages me back? I know its not even worth my time trying to figure out, but I'm curious. What would cause someone to do that? No one is busy for 6 weeks straight so don't tell me she was "busy". Also she had signed in before that and seen my message so it wasn't her just not checking either.

Thank you, I appreciate it.


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  • She probably just stopped seeing someone and wants to see you now


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