Does he have feelings for me?

I have known this guy for 3 years but I'm confused on how he feels, he use to text and ring everyday till we had a disagreement but now he texts a few times a week he shows concern and compassion for my family, he tells me to get no attachments but yet he shows concern and compassion for my family, snuggles up with me, I cook for him, we watch films together, we have sex, he is respectful of me but then he asks me randomly if I have any attachments to him but because he has already stated for me to not get attachments or he walks its making me wonder if he has feelings for me? because if he didn't he wouldn't come down and see me and text me and make a special journey of hour away and shows caring for my family and myself.


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  • There is a very high chance he does have feelings for you...if you get that vibe from him you are usually right.