Boyfriend always starts fights when he wants time to himself.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months. Once a week he'll not really respond and I can tell he just wants to chill by himself. When we first started dating, I would get all suspicious and paranoid and text him things that made it clear that I was suspicious and paranoid.

I don't get like that anymore.. except he doesn't go about having his "alone time" by just saying he wants to chill by himself (well every once in awhile he'll straight up say it) sometimes he'll pick a fight or say he has a headache/is tired/going to sleep early.. or some excuse.

Is that normal guy behavior? I was clingy when we first started dating but now I'd totally understand whenever he wants a night to himself.. I do get a little paranoid sometimes but I don't say anything. Now I'm just paranoid about how he goes about having alone time.. starting a fight so that he can blame us fighting, or making some excuse. Is he just trying to find any means to have some time to himself and goes about it like this because he doesn't want to have to actually say he needs time to himself?

Is this a sign of something else possibly going on? :S We spend literally almost every night together except for once a week. But I should also mention he doesn't have a job and hasn't had a job the entire time we've been dating (has money saved up though so he's not mooching off me or anything). So he has all day to do nothing every single day and then does this once a week.

Any opinions are welcome :)


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  • Hmm...has he shown you any signs of anything like cheating or anything?

    I wouldn't think it is cheating...I think, he is just one of those guys that in the beginning and yes it is still early for some guys...anyway, in the early stages they want a few days to themselves...and I think it is a sad way of doing it...fighting to have alone time...he should just tell you...but it is normal ..many guys do it.

    IF you want to make him stop doing it, you must show him you have a life of your own. Seriously, if you make excuses instead of him, he will grow more interested in you and want to see you more. I would make plans to not be with him at least 2x a week. You will see a change in his behavior right away I promise.


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