He went on a 'date' with someone else?

Hello there. I was helping you could help me out :)

I've been dating this guy for a while now, and we both decided to be monogamous but not yet a full relationship if you get what I mean...

Anyhow, he told me some days ago he was going to see a movie with a girl he met sometime ago. He told me it was not like a date (and that he and the girl both agreed it was just a casual movie watching) and that he just wanted to get to know her a bit better because she seemed like a cool/friend-worthy chick to him. He promised me he would not even try to hid on her, though he will be paying her ticket.

He told me he is still mine and I have nothing to worry about, and that she might just as well be a guy. But the point is, she is not, she is quite pretty and seemed really sweet.

It makes me feel insecure and I do not know what to do exactly.

I would appreciate any advice or comments :) thank you!


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  • Ok so are yall in a open relationship? Because if so you really have no right to get upset! That's the whole point of a open relationship to see other people! Maybe you are just too jealous to be in one, Nothing wrong with that some people can be in them and some people can't! Just talk to him and tell him your feelings!

  • Sounds like he is still looking around for someone else. If he had went with a group of people that is different, and the fact that you have been dating a long while without titles tells me he likes you, but feels he can get someone else. He's just with you until someone else he likes better comes along.