Tired of texting all the time

i've been dating this guy for a month now and we text every day. I like him but I'm really getting tired of texting. I don't even like talking on the phone either. I prefer face to face conversations. The thing is I don't get to see him as much so texting fills in the gaps of when I don't see him. How can I spicen up things?


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  • Do you two flirt over text? I'm not talking about sexting, but a little harmless flirting always feels good :)

    Thats what my man and I do... yes, he always asks how my day went, what I did, etc etc and I ask those same things back on a daily basis, but our responses are usually never just boring answers. I'll tease him and he'll tease me yada yada yada :P

    If you do but you still find texting boring, then maybe just stop and give each other a little bit of space. Don't text him for a few days or something and take a breather.

    • how would you tease him over text?

    • I don't know... Just flirt with him. It's kind of hard to explain lol. Like one time he asked what we should do on one of our date's and I said go shop and he agreed. Then I was like "aweee you do everything I say ;) " lol. Stuff like that :p

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