Help? I don't know if he likes me/insterested in me too

Well, we never really talked in junior high but now that we're in hs nd we both noticed each other junior year, we kinda barely got close. I started helping him in his class to pass it and we achieved our goal on that and the only thing I asked back from him was not to take me for granted.. anyways, that's how I got his number this year in January lol. We texted each other but the convos we had was kind of awkward. He was full of okays and yas and all ): but in school when we talk, he is the only person who naturally amuses me just by the sight of him lol. I really like him a lot but now that I THINK he has a hint of that, I stopped texting him Because he barely texted me back anymore.. he isn't one of those guys to talk to other girls really, but he does play sports and is a class clown. Since we don't text that much Because he never seems to text me first, I stopped texting him as well even though I'm desperately tempted to l: but asides from that, we talked twice at school this week and our convo was pretty much full of laughs nd smiles nd teasing in which I never seen him do with some other girl. Today I even tried to prank scare him but since I failed, he started laughing and calling me a failure and unexpectedly he showed me how to do it and he prank scared 2 other people which ended up laughing our ass's off together during passing period.. I don't know, what do you think?

Recently its kinda been hard talking to him since now its like he's clueless about what he should say whenever I approach him.. which is barely but I was thinking of asking him to the Sadie Hawkins dance in our school coming up soon.. its hard to tell how he is because at times he's speechless, at times he.. ugh I don't know /: its so confusing
Well found out he's not.. oh well


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  • He really does like you.

    It's a bad idea to stop talking to him. He really is trying his best to entertain you, and make you comfortable around him.


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