Would my story scare my boyfriend away... is it too romantic this early on?

On our Valentine's Day date, I want to tell my boyfriend who I've been dating for 2 months this little story (we met online and its 100% true):

I'd been on the site for 8 months with no luck whatsoever. Never met a single man I liked, nor did I ever except a date offer except for yours. I actually quit going on for like 5 months out of those 8. The night you messaged me, I literally had gotten on to delete my account but your message made me smile and I HAD to reply... (I'll say it in a more meaningful manner lol)

His message to me still brings a flutter to my stomach and that same goofy smile to my face haha(:

He'd been on the site a total of 14 days I think. First time trying online dating... isn't that romantic or what? Should I tell him or will it scare him away?

Btw, we both deleted our accounts. He didn't tell me when he did but I got one a few days ago because I felt like it was time to remove it and to my surprise, he was gone! <3


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  • Sharing your honest feelings with your boyfriend is nothing to be ashamed of. Yes tell him how you feel.