Should I meet him tonight?!

Okay well I inboxed a guy I like he wrote back and we taked for a day he didn't reply to my last text that didn't say much anyway I seem him tonight and I wanna text him and tell him to meet me how do I do it? Should I do it?


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  • If you see him tonight it might come in handy knowing where and when to meet up, so text him :)

    • Okay but he didn't reply last text also what do I say?

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    • But we don't have a set time to meet I seen him with my family he is friends with my family anyway I wanna inbox him and ask him to met me but would he find it weird and maybe not even reply?

    • So? Do you always consider what others might think of your texts? It's just a text. If he doesn't reply, his loss and then you'll know you don't need to ask him again. Just do it.

  • You never know until you try. Go ahead and text him.

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