A month ago, he basically told me he doesn't have feelings for me. But then he sends this text...

He's my guy friend. I got this text from him in the middle of the night last night (I was asleep). It just said "Wow, your're f***ing beautiful." It's kinda random, since I haven't seen him in a couple weeks.

I'm not sure what to think. Maybe he was stalking my FB pictures? Maybe he got tipsy at a party (this is probably likely)? Gah I don't know. Yes I do have feelings for him. How do I respond to something random like this?

Turns out he was so drunk he doesn't even remember sending the message haha. I told him thanks, but he said to ignore it. He's probably embarrassed lol. Thanks for your answers!


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  • He was probably drunk. But I think people are more honest when they're drunk. Maybe he's been seeing you in a different light since you told him that you liked him.


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  • Text him back and say thank you and start up a convo. His circumstances may have changed since you last talked to him so scope him out and see where he is at. Try flirting with him and see where things end up.

  • Hmm, interesting! So I take it he knows you have feelings for him, right? Ok, don't wish to sound harsh but was he looking for a quick shag? Sorry if I've got him all wrong, you know him better than me after all! x

    • Haha that's a logical conclusion, but he's not that type of guy. :) Also, he doesn't know about the feelings. He might, but I haven't told him. This is so confusing lol. Thanks for your answer!