I think it's over with my bf

To sum it up, I feel taken for granted by my 1+ year boyfriend. I text him, message him and make a lot of effort to cheer him up when it's difficult at uni. He doesn't give me the same in return and he doesn't show enough appreciation for my efforts.

I sent him a long email pouring my heart out this afternoon. He read it at 6 when he came back home, texted me to tell me he'd eat dinner and call me at 8h40-8h50. He called at 9, basically explained himself and told me he'd be more careful from now on. He said he was glad I told him about it. I couldn't wait to hang up the phone. I kept crying and within, I didn't believe he really understood, and I doubted him when he said he'd make an effort. I spent the whole night feeling sick to my stomach because of it before he called, and meanwhile, he was playing a board game with his family, like every Saturday, as if my overly emotional email was nothing special.

Now he thinks it's all settled and I'm still sad and crying. It doesn't feel right, but I don't know how to handle it after I tried to fix things up already.


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  • you need to let it go, you got your point across and now its all up to him to change and give you what you want...if you keep crying etc, you will only cause a bigger rift and eventually it will lead to a break up... if he doesn't make an effort then you know you need to move on, but you have to give him a chance to change... change won't happen over night, it will happen gradual...


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  • I went through the same battle with my ex boyfriend. Bottom line is that it's over. You should end things with him if you feel like nothing will change. It's better for your own health. You need time to yourself and you need time to grow as an independent person. And honestly, he's treating you like sh*t and he's NOT going to change his ways even if he says he's going to be mindful next time. You can give it a little time and see if he does make an effort, but my guess is that he won't. You should let go!

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