How much does it help hair gel when it comes to dating girls?

I noticed that when you type on Google Images a male celebrity name that is considered hot, in most pictures you see these guys with their hair full of gel, and most of them make their hair go up.

So I was wondering if this has any impact in dating girls, I know that for us guys, if a girl make her hair beautiful, her value goes up. But girls are different, they care more about personality, so it makes me wonder.

I had always cut my hair very short so I never had the need for hair gel, plus sometimes I think it can make it fall off. But considering my lack of success in finding dates I was wondering if this could help me or not.

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  • As much as girls pretend to be "all about personality" a lot of us do care about appearance. I'm not saying that hair gel will make the girls go wild (especially if you put too much) but you definitely might want to put some effort into making yourself look presentable in general.

    • So what's the answer? I look presentable with my short hair without gel, I'm just wondering if this could help more.

    • Well, seeing as your on anon and don't have any pictures up, I have no idea what you look like so I couldn't say for sure. Perhaps post a few pictures of your hair gel and without and have a poll on which looks better?

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