What do you think he's going to do?

I was seeing this guy.. Things seemed to be going great but were moving really fast.. Was sort of freaking us both out.. He told me he didn't want to see other people.. We canceled dates we had planed with other people 4 days in! He acted like he was my boyfriend, he made plans with one of my best friends to go on a double date 3 weeks in advanced, and we left tooth brushes etc at each others apartments! He started a new job this week and I was being really supportive and he took a step back but I was being OK with it but then he stopped showing that much interest.. We had plans for tonight to go on a really cool but pre-planed date and I could tell he was understandably freaked out... So I asked him if it was to much for him and that I was freaked out a little too.. He took the bail out! Told me he would rather meet up with friends after etc... I got really upset because I wanted to take a step back but not a leap back.. we argued he told me he wasn't sure how he felt things were moving to fast and he should want to hang with me more than he did I was like it's normal to be freaked out and we both were but should continue with our plans he was like I don't think that's a good idea.. I was like fine then I'm coming to get my stuff.. If we see each other again I don't want it to be over that.. When I went to get my stuff he told me where he was going tonight asked me what I was up to and told me I smelled nice and that he'll talk to me later as I was leaving.. I was like stop it with the bs he was like it's not you and I may talk to you later but I don't want you to wait around for me I was like I wasn't going to but congrads on the new job... WTF is going on with him? Will I ever hear from him again and will he realize he messed up? Did I do the right thing by offering him a bail out and getting my stuff? We haven't even had sex yet but have great sexual chem!

Idk I think I pushed to hard.. He told me he's just doesn't feel it.. I think it's because I went into overkill for him and we left it like with me being pushy then backing off trying to smooth it over... I know he's going to go on dates with other women witch I'm OK with.. But it's at the point where I think he was being nice and I'm not going to contact him again... Maybe we'll run into each other in the future who knows... I just wish we both didn't freak out and move so fast... I got way2 corky


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  • He still holds a lot of strong feelings for you. Things could be moving so fast for him as well, so he wants to take things slowly, and is trying to reignite your old chemistry .

    You will really hear from him again.


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