Should I add him on FB again?

This guy & I texted solid for four months. We were FBfriends and everything seemed to be great...

He accepted my friend request. Day after he deleted his ex & 3.5 months later, he readded her. She posted stupid/random crap on his FB, tagged him in somewhat inappropriate statuses & random pics. I deleted him because I was sick of seeing her bs on his page...I know, bad move. We still texted though...but he seemed a lot more distant. Finally we didn't text for a month...I shot him a FB message out of the blue about a month ago & surprisingly he replied! We've been chatting through there ever since.

I want to add him, but I'm afraid that if I do, we'll go back to not talking. I don't...didn' on ANYTHING on his FB, so it's not like I was bashing his ex or anything.



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  • From my experience, I find that when I get a girls number and start chatting to her a lot, its better to keep it away from Facebook. Facebook has a lot of drama and whatever is going on with his ex right now, don't think that he is probably not doing the same thing to her.

    My advice, don't add him on fb yet, drop him a phone call (throw him off guard from the usual texting) and ask him out for coffee (or whatever depending on your age range / maturity / likes ) be spontaneous, go meet him and see if you both hit it off again. Take things from there, I normally have decided by the end of that first 'informal date' whether I want to take it any further / add of Facebook.

    Hope this helped.

    if you want to know anything else just let me know.


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