Boyfriend's ex wants to be friends and double date?

I've been with my boyfriend for a bit over a month. We've known each other for around a year. Not long before I met him, he split up with his ex (We didn't date until the end of last year though.) He has told me about how he broke things off with her because she was making him miserable, was lazy etc. He has compared me to his ex, in a positve way, but still...

Today he told me she called him up and wanted to be friends. When he first told me she called he joked that she was wanting to get back with him. He told her about me, and how he was very happy. She said she wanted to double date (she started dating someone quickly after she was dumped by my boyfriend.) I think he must have told her no, as he told me that it was weird and would be very awkward for me and wouldn't be right for him to put me through that.

A few weeks ago, he told me that somehow he had sent her a friend request on Facebook (He believed FB had done it itself, I've had this happen to me too, and thought nothing more of it). He told her he didn't actually want it, deleted her as a friend and she told him off (he doesn't have her as a Facebook friend, I've looked) I've seen photos on his phone, and he still has a photo of her on there. I know he has them in amongst other old photos, but if it was me, I know I would have deleted it.

Should I feel worried about this? I have no reason not to trust him, but I just feel odd about it all. Would it be inappropriate for me to bring up my concerns?


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  • gosh... doesn't she have other friends? I think there's no point in it, unless you guys are short on friends... find someone else to hang out with... awkward...


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