So I met this girl online...

in a forum of a game we share mutual interest we get to talking I saw she's from Japan and that she's from the city I wanted really wanted to visit. We get to talking she seems really friendly for someone I just met online, she even said I might see her there if go, I never thought anything of it but when I asked her if she could comment on an outfit I was planning on wearing on a date and she changed her tone from bubbly (with lols and emoticons everywhere) to a more serious tone (still friendly, but with proper punctuation,and full sentences.) and goes off about how I should not try and be someone I am not, now most girls I know usually just say yah and give an honest opinion. I mean she did tell me I looked handsome, but she's definitely out of my league in terms of education, looks, and athletic ability. Not to mention she lives in the Japan and I am from the states. But that switch in tone was a bit odd, but it could be a cultural thing (and yes she does speak English otherwise I wouldn't be able to communicate with her, and she speaks it better than most Americans)


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  • I'd say she likes you and was trying to hint at it until you mentioned something about another girl, and then she's in a whole mess with trying to talk to you while making sure its not awkward and trying to pick herself back up while she is trying to convince you she's fine and continue the conversation in a semi-professional manner. I've been on the other end of a similar situation and I know how it goes. It sounds like she doesn't have a problem with the distance or anything like that and she's really looking forward to seeing you. At this point it's up to you whether you feel that way about her. The next move is yours and it seems like she is simply willing to remain just friends if that is what you want, but she wouldn't mind something more. The ball is in your court.

    • well turns out she wasn't exactly who I thought she was. The pics were legit but she's a lot younger than she stated, by that I mean she turned out to be finishing up high school, . And she is still a nice person, and it's not the age thing that bothers me it's the fact that I thought I was speaking to a mature 24 year old, when it was really a still hasn't faced the real world 18 year old. Bummer too because I was looking forward to having someone show me around Osaka

    • Well that's too bad. Have fun in Osaka and around japan anyway, great country!

    • not going yet have some family issues I have to work out before so we can all go or at least my brother and myself.

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