Why do girls that date guys with kids?

feel like they are entitled to that kid? I've noticed it a lot that whenever a girl starts dating a guy who has a kid with someone, they think they are automatically like step mommy and being overly disrespectful to the child's mother. I recently saw a girl on FB post pictured of her bf's kid and saying stuff like she doesn't care if the baby'd mom sees and just being rude. I could see that the new girlfriend could be intimidated but that's something she should know beforehand and if she couldn't deal with it then don't date the guy. Have you sen this before, and what do you think of it?


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  • Yeah I've actually seen this too. I know a girl who buys her boyfriends kids clothes all the time and everything, and then takes a picture of them wearing their new clothes and posts it on Facebook and says "Clothes I bought for my kids!" And I think they aren't your kids! You're not even married to him, so you aren't a step mother either. You're just the girlfriend. It's good for a girl to take interest in his kids, but you're not their mother. They already have a mother. I come from a single mother, and one thing I can say is, I hated it when my moms boyfriends acted like they were my father. So you have to look at it from the kids point of view as well. They're probably already going to resent that their mom or dad is dating, it's going to make them mad when that boyfriend/girlfriend tries to replace their mother/father.

    • Thats just ridiculous, I can't stand it. It literally is a pet peeve of mine. I came from a single mother as well as I am one, so maybe that's why I have such a strong hate for that lol. I just don't understand where some of these girls get the sense of entitlement from and why the feel like they have to be so disrespectful to the babys mom. Like how would they like to see someone else playing house with their kid

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    • Seems almost like a High School thing. When girls try to make their boyfriends ex-girlfriends jealous. Except now they are doing it through the kids instead of with the PDA. Which is a lot worse.

    • it really is! I feel like when girls do that its like they are trying to throw it in the baby's moms face that they have the guy and are playing mommy to their kid too, it's overly immature. I tried to get along with my ex's girlfriend but she still to this day talks nothing but sh*t about me and I'm just like at what point are you gonna grow up? I stopped even trying to confront her about it and I honestly think when gfs do that itll ruin their relationship with the BD

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  • I don't date guys with kids #1 rule for I don't have time for baby momma drama!

  • I don't see why the new girlfriend would be intimidated by the old girlfriend , Because theirs so many men having babies by different woman . That the new girlfriend , Wouldn't feel intimidated by it . The only person in my eyes that the ex girlfriend would might feel intimidated by . Would be the wife or ex wife , Because they were actually married . People don't feel that way regarding girlfriends , But to post a picture with someone else's child is disrespectful . And why would the new girlfriend try to play mom to someone else's child is beyond me .

    • I mean I feel like they would be intimidated because the share a kid together, but you are right people are having babies with whoever anymore. and I can't see why anyone would want to either.it seems dumb to me but I've seen a lot of girls try and do it

    • I don't think women are intimidated with that, Because to me that means nothing they have a child together , Now if they were married that would be a different story because they were actually a family . And if the boyfriend is making the new girl feel confident , They want think twice about . At least that's how I feel . But that's silly to post pictures.