So, there is this guy...We started talking online and wanted to text.

We started talking online and wanted to text. I didn't think anything of it really so I gave him my number and we started talking. Then he started asking me for sexy pix but I told him not until we're official if we decide to be. Well, he has been texting me but it's to ask if I can go over to his house. Anyone knows that when a teenage boy invites a teenage girl over, things happen. I'm not stupid. So I told him no. He has to come over to my house to meet my family and such. Well, he is not for that at all. And now we're at a point where he we won't text for a few days but the first thing he says when we do text is 'can you come over?' or things of that nature. And he is a really sweet guy who cares about me and he knows of my past and I can feel like I trust him. Which is why this situation is so hard for me. So, advice would be awesome. And should I continue to talk and possibly date him or should I just dump him?


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  • Yo why do girls do this, drop his ass because the only thing he wants is sex. You're a pretty cute girl from what I can see in your profile pic, you have to better than this. Women have the power over guys they just have to know how to use it. C'mon cute girl do better and choose better guys...I know you can ;)


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