Should I try again? Guys have you been in the same position as him, and what was going through your mind?

I dated this guy April of last year and we hit it off well. I was attracted to him. He is one of those that date two woman or more at a time. I found out that he was dating me and another woman. I told him before that if he was feeling someone else to let me know and that I would also let him know. I just wanted to get to know him. I think this other girl opened up to him too soon. Anyway I just happen to run into him after what have been 3 or 4 months and he invited over to his home but I did not accept. I was tipsy and I told him that I was going home. I told him I had plans the next day. As I was driving home he called twice (10 min or less apart) but I didn't answer the phone. I like the way I handled it that night and man o man I was looking good so I am sure I left him thinking even more about me. When he text me back what do you think I should be prepared to say? I like him but I feel like I really want to get to know him more. I also over heard him say to the guys about another girl who I think may be her is " She not talking about nothing." I know he was talking about her because according to her tweets on twitter they are together. She does not seem happy either. Remember, we were not in a relationship. I know he was really feeling me and her. He just chose her because she was supposedly ready. Should I let him be?

*** I forgot to mention that he chose to be in a relationship with her while I was still interested in getting to know him. She moved in quick. I know for a fact he started dating her a few days after me.******************************************************


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  • It all depends on you sweetie, if you're attracted to him then go after him and get to know him more like you said. its good you didn't just f*ck him it, it shows you respect yourself. In addition ask you're self does he respect you or does he just want to get you naked?

    • Thanks. Update...I emailed him and told him that I am dating someone else. I told him that I wish we could have had more time together. I know he liked me. I am one of those that prefer to be friends before it gets serious and so does he. He lost his mind when she pushed the word relationship. I told him before I saw him again that he made a mistake. When he saw me his eyes got big like a kid opening a Christmas present lol...anyway I feel better letting it be...I am moving on:)

    • Yessss! Haha he really missed out! What an idiot. I'm happy your moving on! You'll find someone way better. He missed great p**** too I bet. :)

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