He enjoyed the date much more than I did. What do I say?

Went on a date with a guy on Thursday. We met online and actually have some mutual friends as well oddly enough. For some reason I was not attracted to him at all once I met him. Saw him as more of a friend, if that. He made no moves and did not flirt one bit. He also did not understand any of my jokes. I am an outgoing person so I was still laughing and chatting the whole time. Ended it with an awkward hug and a "this was nice" then I walked home. Never expected to hear from him again and did not particularly want to. Except I got a text from him yesterday saying he had a wonderful time. What do I say?!?! I have also recently decided I am not wanting to date or be in a relationship. Closed my online dating account as well.


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  • yeah why go out with a guy and a day later decide you don't want to date?

    Anyway, I'd just tell him that you had a good time to but don't feel like there is a strong enough connection (e.g. I'm just not THAT into you)

  • U don't want to be dating or in a relationship? Why on earth did you go out with him then 8n the 1st place? Can't you stand by your words and called it a hangout instead


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