Ok guys what can a girl do for a good night kiss?

(first or second date) that leaves the guy wanting more. what would be a major turn on for you and would make you think about her like crazy...haha just curious?

thanks guys but that's honestly not what I ment I was just curious as to what makes a good 1st kiss for a guy and if guys care about it as much as girls do? lol but thanks...


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  • there is nothing you can do you'll know if he's crazy about you and you don't really want 2 be leaving a guy wanting you after only a second or first date like that.The only thing you'll get from doing that is a a lot of questions and texts just keep it relaxed unless you want like a stalker in your life that will be following your everystep.And what would you do if you didn't like him anymore after you played with his emotions like that.It would really hurt him and nobody is looking 2 get hurt like that.

  • It woud be the night/date as a whole and how it went that would affect me wanting more or not. But of course you can tease him pretty easily, But yeah make it a good kiss if you want him to think about it.


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