First kiss with a new girl?

ok so my brother girlfriend had told me she wanted to meet one of her friends and told me to Facebook her and send her a message introducing myself. so I did both of these things and we talked for a while and I ended up getting her number. we text basically every day. last week we went out to a local bar and got a couple drinks and got to know each other a little bit. everything went really good and we are still talking everyday and are planning on getting together again this week. I'm just curious as to what we should do this time out? and also should I try to kiss her at the end of the night? it will be our second time hanging out. thanks for any advice/answers!


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  • So to get this clear: Your brother's girlfriend introduced you to one of her friends who you are now into?

    Kiss her in the middle of the night - not at the end of the night. End of the night makes a girl want sex, and that's better to leave till a bit later on because she'll keep wanting you BAD (lol). Don't go to a bar again because then it will seem like you only want to get her drunk. Try a coffee place (afternoon tea?), or dinner somewhere, or a film?

    • we ended up going bowling lol and had a lot of fun. I kissed her when we said goodnight and are going to hang out again this weekend

    • yaye! how wonderful for you! xx

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