Do girls like being texted first?

I am a 19 year old freshman in college. I grew up without great social skills, especially when it came to women. Although I am improving with my social qualities, I still seem to have some trouble with the ladies, especially through messaging systems (any social networking product: Facebook, texting, what not).

So the question is do girls like being texted first? Coming from a guy, I love it when I get a text from a girl I've been crushing on. However, I know that I must initiate conversations to really get a girl that I want. Also, how do I know when a girl isn't interested via text, Facebook etc? Thank you.


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  • Yeah, we do. There's something nice about knowing that a guy you like is asking about you or curious to know how you're doing, etc. If you have to "chase" the guy down and then wait for his answer to your text/email, it's less interesting/romantic. The fun little thrill of the message is a little lost that way.


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  • Depends on the girl. My last girlfriend was good in the way that she texted. She would either text me first of if I caught her it'd be me.

    I'd say it depends on the personality. Shy girls will probably NOT text you first.

    Personally I hate texting the other person first because I feel like I'm interrupting them.