Dating someone heartbroken

he seems still wrapped up wth his ex

do I continue and pretend I have no idea. just do it for kicks

or do I walk away...most guys would just carry on...


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  • I suppose it depends on what you want from the relationship. If you're just wanting to casually date, then it wouldn't be a big deal. But if you're wanting a real relationship with progression and frowth, you may have to let him go until he's emotionally finished with the ex. He won't be emotionally available wholeheartedly anyway.


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  • you should definitely walk away. The longer you stick around the more your chances of getting hurt are higher. There is no way to make his pain go away for an x the worst thing to do is try and date some one on a rebound. I am heartbroken and anyone that tries to get close to me I let down, and they get pset. So don't be the one on the other side no good comes from it. They go back to ex or compare you.

    • oh I don't want to date him seriously. just a few dates. that should be fine.

    • are you sure. If you don't feel anything more or your not putting your self in a bind than I gues keep trying, and good luck. I just know feelings always seem to grow and get in the way the longer you see someone.

  • take a break. be just friends til you think he's ready...