I don't really understand this friend who is a girl?

Well first of all she has a boyfriend of 3-5 years and I'm sure they are pretty close. We have hung out just her and I at some local coffee shops maybe 3-4 times just talking about randombtji gs like work and school and issues in our lives. She will randomly text me at differsnt times, maybe she ia just bored. Last week she text and I was watching an NHL hockey game...tonight she texted me saying that she had been watching tonights game and we texted a bit about it, we didn't text for very long, but she always seems to text me at least once a week. And I also try to text or see her at work at least once a week. Then about a yaer ago she was telling me and crying about her and her boyfriend acting in a way that she disnt like because she thought that he shouldn't be acting a certain way after 3 years of dating, but I think they are okay now. We definitely are friends, but is she trying to get more out of me or is she just being a friend?

Also I do not plan on stealing her away from her boyfriend or anytjing like that. Wouldn't want that happenning to me, in terms of a guy stealing a girlfriend of mine. Though I've never been on a daye and I'lll probably never get one.


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  • shes just being a friend and wanting to stay in touch.


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  • No, you are definitely only her friend at this point and you should probably keep it as such. It would be kinda really messed up if you started making moves on her while she is in a long term relationship. If she (emphasis on the part where she is the sole one initiating) starts making actual moves ie touching your inner leg, holding your hand, tries to kiss you, then that is a different story and you may want to discuss something else. But as of current you are her friend and she just wants you to treat her like you would a friend.

    • Yeah I figured that. I wasn't planning to make any moves on her or anything. Guess I should put that in an update. Thanks!