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I met this guy two years ago. We worked together . I was coming out of a really bad divorce. We never dated but there was plenty of sexual tension and a fair amount of flirting. We'd go out for beers or for dinner often...eventually I moved away like across the country. . Fast forward a year later...he ..Over the holidays he text message me and said happy holidays. I was really surprised to hear from him and I don't know why but I decided to tell him that I did indeed have a huge crush on him back then. We were both truthful finally about how attracted we were then and we laughed about not taking our friendship and feelings further. So now over time since the first week of Jan we've been talking and texting pretty regularily ...we got caught up in some pretty hot and racy late night pillow talk...and my feelings for him were starting feel intense ...but I didn't feel the feeling was mutual ...so I called him and let him know my feelings over him were confusing me and feeling way to intense and that I didn't think he felt the same way. I told him I couldn't be having phone sex with him anymore because my feelings were getting confused. He said he understood and then this went into to a flurry of texts and conversations about what kind of a man did I think he was...Ugghh...I really like this man...I always have but I don't know if he wants to just be friends or more! Does he just want to use me for late night pillow talk...I mean common we live clear across the country from each other...he asked if he sent me ticket would I come? Questions like..do you really wanna come see me?...this is so confusing...it seems like I'm always the one to initiate phone calls or text ...I don't know what I'm doing...what is this guy doing? Maybe he just wants us to be friends w benefits. I can't do that with this guy...I really have feelings for him. Any advice?


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  • i would say he's lookin for friends with benefits lol

    • I think you're totally right! I'm just gonna let this ridiculous crap die on d vine. I should just listen to my instincts and quit doubting what I think to be true. Ugghh...I can't stand to used. The good thing is I put a stop to it in a fairly quick amount of time and was honest with him. Hopefully we can still be friends like we were in the first place.

    • Yeah. I know guys like that. Every time you call them they turn it into phone sex. Every time you Skype them, their d*** is out. It makes you wonder if they even really like you. Men these days... Sigh

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