Texting/ lack of texting

My best friend and I were discussing this

Most men now a days realize that not texting back does more harm than good, so if a guy doesn't text you back one day when they otherwise would at that time- then chances are that guy is with a girl

And the same goes for girls


Monday night at 8 you text and have a conversation same for the rest of the week, if you text during that time the next week and they don't answer until really late at night or the next day they were on a date

He said- come hell or high water a guy won't answer a text on a date

And I know a girl wouldn't answer a text either on a date.


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  • well the issue with cheating and all the mistrust from it is so bad because most people have been burned, and this is the first thing that comes to our minds. I get pissed when my boyfriend does this to me and its caused many problems. In the past he has been mad at me for doing this I just do it to pay him back so he can see how it feels. Its a bad feeling and no it hasn't changed. I tend to think he may be with someone else so yea I must have a bad relationship. No trust. Makes me want to be single again.


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  • I just don't text unless I see it necessary, I think it does more good then harm in my life but everyones got their own opinion. id just rather talk then txt.


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  • i wouldn't say theyre cheating. maybe mad at you or busy. and people do answer texts on dates. why do you think there are so many people on gag complaining about it?

    • We were saying in the early stages of dating before its a relationship and you want to impress them. So you wouldn't, I only had one guy answer his phone on a first date and I never saw him again

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    • I was discussing it with my best friend who is a straight guy... So not exactly

      We were just noticing because I text the guy I'm seeing around him and he texts the girls he's dating around me. But he needed to reach me the other night and I didn't answer because I don't even take my phone out of the car when I'm with my guy. And he asked why. Then he said all the times he takes an hour to respond to me is because he's on a date. We both think its rude to your date who you're getting to know

    • well you two are just good/different people...