Why do guys just stop texting/talking to girls?

im getting really frustrated with guys and dating in general, I find myself a great catch I'm really funny, down to earth, I'm good looking too.. Anyways I meet a good guy and we start texting/taking and its good convos we have a lot in common laugh at each other and then bamn I never hear from them again. they just stop texting me entirely , I don't understand if maybe I came out too strong or if they met another girl who was easier or closer but either way just curious why do guys stop texting girls who they say they like and have good covo with? I am willing to do with he's just not that into you. I just find it their loss and really wierd


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  • Too many possibilities for just a simply answer.

    1. Lost Interested in you.

    2. If you only Reply to his Comment, an Always wait on his texts, =Waste of my Time in my eyes.

    3. Found someone with better Chemistry, yes it happens before people.become on the verge of becoming official.

    4. He's Busy an forgot to tell you.


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  • Was he the one who was always always texting/calling/ wanting to hang out? If that's the case then I'd understand him going away, and if say you should contact him!

  • either they met someone or they lost interest or they may have some work

    they may also be doing this so as to grab your attention like their plan is working right now you are thinking about him


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