Guys, have you checked out dating websites just out of curiousity while you'e still dating?

Is it possible or normal to check out a dating website just for curiosity sake? I told my boyfriend about Ashley as a joke which he never heard of before, and he told me he checked it out that night. I didn't think it was bad because he brought it up to me that he went on their site and registered since that was the only way to look around. The thing is, he gave me the password that he used to log in. It turns out that its also his personal email password and the day after, he signed up on another website (also one where you have to register before you can enter the site.) Basic registering, name, age, but no personal info or pics...

My question is, is it normal for guys just to look or is his curiousity a sign of something else? I don't know if I'm overreacting since I mentioned the first website to him first or if I opened his eyes to something else.

Would love to hear guy's perspective.


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  • The Ashley Madison website I heard about in an interview with Kevin Smith, so I checked it out based purely on understanding what they were talking about on Smodcast.

    So yeah, I can imagine you'd check out a website based on curiousity.

    But I wouldn't be so quick to accept that someone had signed up and created a profile, just out of curiousity.


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