How can an average looking guy get a date?

I'm a 26 year old guy residing in a third world country which is quite conservative when it comes to dating. I'm definitely above average with respect to looks, but I can't really be called 'good looking'. Many people (both men and women) have told me that I look cute, though. But I'm certainly don't have the looks for which a woman would be attracted enough to date me. I maintain good hygiene and keep myself well groomed as well. I also have a good dressing sense, as most people describe my clothes as 'simple yet trendy'. I know most people say stuff such as 'Looks aren't everything, your personality matters more'. But looks are definitely important for a woman to feel that initial attraction, and personality only comes later. This is my situation right now. So how can I get a date in spite of my average looks? I have been involved in relationships in the past, but they were highly unstable and didn't work out. I have been single since more than 3 years now.

P.S. Please don't say that I can attract women with money. I can't do that because although I'm quite well off, I'm not a multimillionaire.

I'm not looking at dating only very pretty women who are way beyond my league. Even average looking women are fine for me.


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  • If you can't say you're good looking or women don't want you... then you aren't above average. Lol and if you're well off then leave that third world country. You'll have better chance.

    • There is a difference between 'above average' and 'good looking'. They can't mean the same thing. I'm definitely above average, I'm sure, but not to the extent of being 'good looking'. My looks fall somewhere between 'average' and 'good looking'. I hope you got my point.

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    • Its not that I can't get women, because I have been involved in relationships in the past. Should I opt for plastic surgery to completely change my looks?

    • Approach more women, different kinds of women.

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  • If your looks are a hindrance, get to know them as friends first, and let your personality overcome the shortcomings of your looks.

    • That's what I do. I only ask out the women whom I know ell.