Two distant guys, two pissed off/worried girls...

For security purposes, no real names will be used in this question. I will identify my female friend as Pattie, her boyfriend as Dustin, and her boyfriend's roommate as Aaron.

Pattie and Dustin have been dating for a little over a month now, and they've been doing great. Aaron and I are not dating; we were introduced to one another about three weeks ago and have definitely taken an interest in one another.

Aaron and I were texting every single day and hanging out just about every chance we got (twice, we were by ourselves, and the other times, we were with Pattie and Dustin). Everything seemed to be going great--we were flirty while we texted and kissed and cuddled a little in person.

According to Pattie, things had been going wonderfully for her and Dustin as well...and it definitely looked like they were doing good judging by what I saw when Aaron and I were hanging out.

This past weekend, however, things changed entirely. The last time that we heard from the boys was on Friday night (she was with them for about an hour, and I was just texting Aaron). She said that they both seemed okay to her (although they were cross-eyed tired), and Aaron seemed fine while we were texting.

We have both tried to contact the boys a few times each day since then and have received no responses. They haven't been active on Facebook, which Pattie says is definitely unusual for Dustin.

We're basically alternating between being pissed off and being worried. And above everything else...we are EXTREMELY CONFUSED! I realize that Aaron and I really have no obligation to each other, but obviously, Dustin and Pattie do, and in the time he's known her (they were friends for a while before they started dating), he's never done anything like this before, and she claims it's extremely uncharacteristic of him and Aaron.

My question is, what should the next move be from Pattie and me? Are we supposed to just ignore them in return, are we supposed to keep trying to contact them, are we supposed to go looking for them? The four of us (along with another friend) have tickets to a concert in two weeks, and we're wondering if we should just cancel those plans and give their tickets to someone else or if we should just hold out and wait on them.

Any help is greatly appreciated! ")


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  • have you tried to go by where they live? I'd be snooping around to see if they're there ect.

    • Yes, we actually did that last night. Aaron's work truck was there and still loaded (he's a logger), but Dustin's truck was gone and no one was there.

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    • well, there's really not much to! after getting fed up of waiting for an explanation, pattie and I realized that we deserve about a hundred times better than that and have cut all ties with the boys.

    • that's what I like to hear and you do deserve better =)

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  • Ignore them in return, if they don't reply for over a week, maybe do something like contact a friend of theirs to see if they're OK. If they are, theyre d***s.

    Whatever happened with this?

    • They were d***s. Pattie broke up with Dustin, I stopped talking to Aaron, and Pattie and I went to the concert without them and had an awesome time. She is now in a new relationship, and I am back with my ex. ")

    • I hope your ex appreciates you more than they did! Happy for you! They were such weirdos for doing that!